Prayer to Odin
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Only say it if you mean it!!!!!

Hail Odin

Grey Wanderer

For many years You have knocked at the hidden doors to my soul.

Patient yet ever insistent: awaiting my response.


Hail Odin

All Father:

Ye who knows the passageways to my heart.

Yet patient, waiting, not treading there within, uninvited.


Hail Odin

Wise One

You teach me the greater worth of a path freely chosen.

i welcome You now into my heart, unfettered by reservation.


Hail Odin

Spear Shaker

Ye who incites wars amongst nations and the battles within each man’s heart:

You spur me now to rise to Your challenge.


Hail Odin

One Eyed God

Your quest unhalted by sacrifice.

So do i commit to follow Your will.


Hail Odin

Master of the Runes

Through Your Gift we glimpse the web of Wyrd

So do i seek the knowledge Your Staves reveal.


Hail Odin

Patron to the skalds

Bringer of the mead of inspiration

May my words be pleasing to Your ears.


Hail Odin

Master of Fury:

Primal and uncontained: dictated by necessity.

May i persevere, unrepressed, in adversity.


Hail Odin


My Your Valkyries find me worthy

When the web of my life is cut.

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