Great Rite
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The Great Rite in Paganism is the Holiest of Ceremonies. It is the true essence of an Earth religion. This is a fertility religion. The very survival of mankind depends on the fertility of the Earth mother and upon the seed of the Lord in his many forms. he comes to us as the shaft of grain, the drops of rain and the horned God , Lord of the animals. In all aspects the Lord and the Lady unite: opposites becoming one. They perpetuate life and keep the wheel of the year spinning.

Great Rite:


Master of Ceremonies:

Now with the chalice the Athame unites

As the Lady and the Lord in the Greatest of rites

Male and Female, sun and earth

Together do join and to all give birth.

{ as the MC recites the rite the Priestess and Priest perform the Great Rite ( or the symbolic great Rite)}

{Priestess holds the Chalice and the priest holds the athame. He dips the point of the athame into the Chalice}


Goddess, Maiden, Priestess , Lady

Accept my love for you this May day

As I now unite with thee

Beloved revered and blessed be


God and Lover, Lord and Priest.

I join with you now for this feast.

As I now unite with thee

Beloved revered and blessed be.

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