Circle Cleansing and casting: Erecting the Temple
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Circle cleansing and casting:

Cleansing :

All three : Each with his/her besom :Sweep the circle , concentrate on eliminating the darkness in our souls : sweep away bad habits, malevolent thoughts, and anything other which impedes our enlightenment. Sweep the circumference three times. Play appropriate music.

Priestess: Go to altar place some salt in water and stir three times. Walk circle sprinkling salt water. Repeating the following three times:

I cleanse this Circle with Water and with Earth

So to prepare for Rite and Mirth.

Priest: Go to altar light purification incense and pick up candle walk around the circle and repeat three times:

I cleanse this Circle with Fire and with Air

So for the this Rite we may prepare.

Erecting the Temple

Priestess: Cast the circle: Walk around three times (Recite the following once per circumambulation).

I cast this circle thrice about

To bring good in and shut evil out.

I erect this Temple with Ancient Might

May the Power of Magick protect this Rite.

From East and South and West and North

The Spirits we shall soon call forth.

From Above and from Bellow

the Circle's Power now will grow

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