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only a few right now but I'll be entering more in the days to come ...

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remember when casting any spell your intent is the most important element. You must believe and desire to accompish that which your spell is for. If you are sending out energies such as ..."this will never work" or ..."I don't seserve this..." you will be counteracting your spellwork.. a self defeating mechanism for sure.   Magick is just what we intend it to be the results can be strange when we go into a spell half hearted or confused or uncertain as to what we desire.
What is also extremely important to keep in mind is how our intent affects others. we do not wish to impose our will on others brring extreme circumstances and even then only in self defense and in law as in magick we use the minimal force necesary to obtain the deisred effect ; our safety or the safety of a loved one. For example if someone is continully harassing you you may cast a spell to divert their actions back onto themselves. It would be etreme to cast a spell to harm the individual. Remember the Three Fold Law. Far more than just not wanting harmful returns we should desire to make our world a better place so harming others should be something we avoid t all costs regardless of the karma it entails.