Purification Ritual
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Here is  purification and release of negativity ritual I have come up with..It needs a few tweeks but we used it this Samhain and it worked pretty well I believe.!!

You can modify it for solo use and record the visualization part. The person receiving the energy must be practiced at this so as to not let it go awry or retain it within himself.. It is an intense experience receiving so much turmoil but it is truly a good feeling of release.

I believe this could be a very good ritual for couples. The transfer of energy is more powerful if done skin to skin. so the more intimate you are with each other the bette it can be if the trust and purity of intent is there!!


Purification ritual and visualization


Visualization and release of negative energy:

Priest has a cauldron, bowl front of him filled with dirt. When directed, everyone places their hands on the Priest and he places his hands in the Earth. Priest starts the visualization.

Priest: We are gathered here to celebrate Samhain, the end of the harvest, the beginning of the dark times. The time of rest for the Mother Earth and Father Sun. The celebration of Spirits of our Ancestors. Though a time of darkness it celebrates new birth. We want to be pure in our entrance into this new year,. Set our best foot forward. Rid ourselves of the banes which haunt our hearts minds and souls. Gather now around me, we will together remove these things from within us. We will raise power, transform it and send it to our intent.

Come, Place your hands on me. Let me be the vector for your release. Let me guide your untamed energies into this earth. Through me you are connected with it. You feel it's warmth, its love, its acceptance. Let me take you to a place of peace. First we must travel through the darker places in our souls and cleanse them. Now go into your self , find the feelings that you want to be rid of, the most hurtful and painful.

Find first the sadness.

Reach inside and touch your place of tears. Feel the sadness welling up within you. remember the pain. Remember the sorrow. Bring it up. Let it flow through you. Feel it in your gut , in your heart, in your mind. Yes it hurts, it’s supposed to but in its pain we will find strength. Bring this sadness up. Find the moments of loss, of hurt, of shame bring them out into the light of your mind. Let them churn in your core. Feel the dull crying ache in your gut. Feel it, contain it. See it take shape.

Direct it now. See it as three flowing rivers of blue churning inside your gut your heart and your mind. They flow towards each other. See them moving , uncoiling moving from your gut up to join with the flow of blue from your heart, the flow from your mind joins together with it . They stream now down your arms and burst out through your hands. Feel the flow exiting your body into me, you need worry about it no more I have control of it now.

It is released. It’s powerful energy is now churning in the cauldron waiting to be transformed to do our bidding.

Now we will find our feelings of anger.

Reach back into our place of tears : for all anger first comes from hurt. You are outraged, consumed, indignant. So many times you have been hurt, so many times defeated, dismissed, demeaned and degraded. You have the right to be enraged. Go to those moments where you felt the seething ,loathing heat of rage swelling in your gut. Let the swelling resume. The heat of your rage is mounting, growing like a volcano deep in your gut. It is welling up like lava ready to explode. They had no right to hurt me so!!!!! Your mind is dizzy, screaming in rage. Your jaw is clenched shut. Feel the hot red boiling energy rising through your arms . Your muscles tense with rage! Send this raw unsettling hatred, rage, down through your arms to your hands . Send it screaming into me.

I will control it now, you need worry about it no more.

It is released. It’s powerful energy is now churning in the cauldron waiting to be transformed to do our bidding.

Now we search for all of the negativity we carry within us.

Again we go to our place of tears. Here is what we learned to do with our hurt and our rage and our pain. We feel them no more, but the dirt they left behind still taints our actions, our thoughts and our hearts.

Here are the things we are ashamed of, the things we keep in the dark of our souls. The things that reflect the negativity around us on to us. Here are the spiteful, mean, selfish, thoughts that drive us away from those around us. Here are our worst habits, the parts of us we do not like, the self destructive narrowing ones we would not want to see the light of day. They are pettiness, jealousy, cruelty, loathing, meanness, prejudice feelings that stir within us. We feel guilt about them but feel a righteousness that compels us to action. Actions which we later regret.

Now we let all of these compulsions and feelings be swept away by the river of our souls. Let it be swept from our minds, our guts and our hearts like small debris is swept away by a strong and powerful river. The river is clear and deep yet calm and strong. The debris flows down your arms to your hands and into me.

I have control of it now. It no longer disrupts the flow of your souls. You need worry about it no more.

It is released. It’s powerful energy is now churning in the cauldron waiting to be transformed to do our bidding.


All rise now and feel the freedom of our souls. Feel how much lighter our souls are now. The river of energy within us is free to flow through us. The events of our lives no longer block the stream of our souls. We are in control. We have released the sorrow, the anger and the negativity from within us.

Look here in this cauldron. It is all here the powerful energy of our most troubling emotions. Here to do our bidding. We must transform it so that no harm can come from the darkness it was born from. {Priest removes hands from earth and sits back, prepares Herbs for Priestess}

Purification of the released energy:

Priestess: { Takes herbs and wooden spoon and kneels before the Cauldron}

All gather around to witness the rebirth of this energy we have created. From dark into light. See the transformation here, and in our hearts, minds and souls. Witness this and focus on the purification of this power so we may send it safely to our intent.

{Priestess stirs Rose Petals into Earth, gently and thoroughly}

Priestess: Into this cauldron of earth I stir the essence of love that is the Rose.

{pause in concentration}

Priestess: See the Red glow of light shinning in this Earth.

{Priestess stirs in Peppermint and Catnip gently and thoroughly }

Priestess: Into this cauldron I stir the essence of Joy that is Peppermint and Catnip.

{pause in concentration}

Priestess: See the yellow light of joy shinning in this Earth.

{Priestess stirs in Benzoin, Rosemary and Sage, gently and thoroughly}

Priestess: Into this Cauldron I stir in the essence of Purity that is Benzoin, Rosemary and Sage.

{pause in concentration}

Priestess: See the white light of purification shining from this earth!!

{ Priestess stirs in Sulfur, Yarrow and Salt, gently and thoroughly}

Priestess: Into this Cauldron of Earth I stir Sulfur, Yarrow and Salt which will banish any negativity left from this power.

{stir and then stop when done and focus on the banishing of negativity}

Sending of the energy:

Priestess: The purification is complete. Within this earth is reborn from the ashes of our pain an energy of love and light and purity. We now will plant the seeds of our intent into this earth.

Priest : The harvest is over winter is upon us yet hope of rebirth is eternal. the light shines muted but is not extinguished . Now we focus on these seeds of hope we will plant within this earth. Take now a portion of this earth for your own intent.

{all take some of the dirt from the cauldron to fill their planters.}

Take now a seed from the apple. The fruit of the five fold star. Plant your hopes and intents into this Earth. Let the power of this rite make them grow.

{all take an apple seed and plant it into their dirt}

Priest: Let us focus now onto the intents of all of humankind. Let us focus on joy and life and health, healing freedom and peace.

Priestess: Let us see an earth cleansed from the scars of pollution and greed. Let us release this remaining energy to that intent. So we may return to the Mother some of what she has given us.

Priestess: {digs hole into remaining dirt}

Priest :(Places remaining pieces of the apple into the dirt}

All help to cover it up to be placed in a natural area after ritual.


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