Sex Magick Healing Ritual
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Sex Magick Healing Ritual

Caution Adult Content

This is a ritual that utilizes sexual contact between the healer and patient to heal. It is open to adaptation and therefore not rigidly scripted…use it in perfect love and in perfect trust


Purify your bodies in whatever way is most comfortable to you…cleanse, smudge….

Create a sacred space also in your own special way , make it as comfortable as possible.

Set up everything you need , Green candles do especially well. Anoint them with eucalyptus oil or any other healing oil you feel appropriate. You may want a vessel in which to place collected fluids.

The healer should ground themselves in the earth.. Physically touch it and connect…imagine roots so that he/she can feel the connection to ground if they need to release excess energy. Keep a tenuous channel to this ground open so you can access it as needed.

Healer have the patient lie down nude have them expose the source of their ailment to you(surface area closest to the pain/ailment).

Begin by massaging this area. Speak to them tell them that you are loosening up the illness. You are disconnecting their pain… them visualize the disease, the pain breaking up and starting to flow with the movement of your hands. Move in bigger circles as you do massage and push the illness towards the sexual organs.

Continue to massage the person inching towards the groin…encourage the person to visualize the illness moving inside them, picking up energy….fighting to get out… is moving towards the groin… it is a swirling mass, black and grey and menacing looking. You the healer are in charge of controlling it, manipulating it … using it… It is energy…misdirected into illness but energy none the less….transform it as it moves… see it as a swirling whorl pool… it is changing.. Visualize yourself as pouring healing energy into it.. Like pouring green paint into a swirling glass of dirty water.. See it dissipate and color the whole…. Move it still towards the groin…bring the person closer and closer to orgasm as you can.

Tell the person to see the illness pooling in their genital region.. Tell them to see it exploding out of them and into you as they orgasm.. You will have direct contact with their genitals for orgasm…

If the subject is a man you will allow them to ejaculate inside you in whatever way you see fit…If the subject is a woman.. Cunnilingus is the most applicable method of stimulation… you will suck the illness out of she orgasms.

You may find it useful to chant a mantra as you build the patient towards orgasm. I invoke Isis.. If I feel the need to….you may repeat this mentally to your self to keep your focus on the task.

“Isis Goddess heal him(her) please

Rid him(her) now of this disease”

As the patient orgasms take the energy from them. Receive it inside you.. Welcome it with joy , feel the power of it. By now you should have manipulated it enough for it to be powerful yes but positive… direct this energy towards the healing….take it in your hands and massage it into the patient as a changed positive healing energy.. Renew them with it build your self towards orgasm and return the energy to them transformed..

Take some of the sexual juices and ingest them with him/her.. share your healing.. Release the excess…Direct any excess energy to a spell you may need to perform or to ground…

If at any point you feel the energy is too much or still to negative or in anyway uncomfortable direct it t ground…visualize it being sucked up by the earth dissipating harmlessly. You can strengthen this image by collecting some fluids and literally burying them, pouring them out onto the ground after the ritual.

You may now release the circle and ground.

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