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Samhain Ritual Altar

     I have always been a spiritual person. I remember being drawn to philosophy and mysticism in Highschool. When I started studying the Pagan religions, Shamanism and ancient cultures I was struck by one thing: they are all essentially the same. They may have different rites, call their Deities different names but they all worship the Mother Earth, The Father Sun and The Grandmother Moon. 
         Nature is one with us all and it is to be considered, thanked and respected. Dreams, the unseen and the beyond are all a part of life an living. I was never satisfied with monotheistic, dogmatic religions I had grown up knowing. They were too rigid and apart from true life for my liking.
I see the development of them from the nature based religions they sprung from I see how they grew away from thier roots and changed. I wanted to go back to the truth....I did.
         I became a Witch a little by little.. I studied, practiced, meditated and prayed until one day I found myself calling myself a Witch. It fit and felt right. I  enjoy my spirituality and enjoy sharing it with others. I love to use it when I can to help. I love writing rituals and changing them , fine tuning them , to make them feel just right for the occasion. I love the lightness in my heart I feel when the Circle has been cast, the Quarters called and the Lady and the Lord invited. I also love the peace I feel when I place my hands on an ancient Tree and let it's soul talk directly to mine. It is an indescribable wonder,

A very talented co-worker of mine drew this for m
Drawing By Clayton McBean

I have been through a lot lately and I have to say that i have faired so much better through this recent turmoil than I would have had I not found great comfortin my faith. The fact that this life is not the ony one I have had or ever will have has given me much peace. I am no longer afraid of not doing everything in this life.... hey if i don't get to it on this trip I'll get to it on the next. I feel most everything happens for a reason...maybe we just need to look harder to find out what the lesson is we need to learn...we picked our path while resting in the Summerland....we did so to nourish our souls....I am now open to that nourishment!!!

My Rituals
Feel Free to Use them in Love and Light!
Most rituals follow a basic format.
Cleanse the circle
Cast the Circle( Erect the Temple0
Call the Quarters
Welcome the Coven and Guests
Call in the Lord and The Lady
( or Draw down the Moon and the sun)
Main Body of Ritual, Magick work. (dependant on nature of ritual, can be Great Rite, Healing, Sabbat, Esbat, specific magick)
Cakes and Ale
Release the Circle
Here are the links to each of these parts and to full rituals for the Sabbats

Special Purpose Rituals and Spells


Hail Odin

Sex Magick Healing Ritual

Purification Ritual

Ritual Parts

Calling The Quarters

Calling the quarters (rhyming form)

Circle Cleansing and casting: Erecting the Temple

Inviting in the Coven

Blessing of the Athame and the Chalice

Drawing down the Moon and The Sun

Great Rite

Releasing the Circle

      Sabbat Rituals


Yule Ritual

Beltaine Ritual