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Who Am I....What am I...???



My name is Corey and here is short summary of what the site/I am all about.



I am a Pagan. I call myself a Witch. I follow a path of my own chosing and which is a bit ecclectic. You could call my path Shamanic Wicca.I truly love my faith. It has brought me out of the difficult times in my life and it carries me through even now. Since following this path in earnest I have been able to shed many of the troubles which have made my life a living hell at times.

I am a very spiritual person, a mystic of sorts, I try to see the Divine in every little thing I encounter in life. I strive to make my actions follow my beliefs as much as possible.

I follow the Rede "An it Harm None, Do as Thou Wilt", as much as huimanly possible. I pride myself in being a man of honour and integrity. I do not take these things lightly. Honesty, fairness, compassion are all things I cherish and strive for. This being said I am not claiming to have acheived this perfection. I only claim to strive for it each and every day.

This will tell you then that I do not "curse" people nor do I worship the devil. I am a peaceful, loving person.

I am learning what I can about my faith, about healing, Ritual, meditation, Magick, Divination ect. I am far from accomplished in any of these things. On the other hand the experiences of my life have given me more than my share of wisdom , now that I have opened up to seeing the meanings behind the lessons I was given. I want to share my knowledge with others. I want to help.

When I was young I wanted to leave my mark on the world by either being a famous discoverer, an astronaut, sceintist or generic hero. Now I know that my mark will be more subltle. I have nursed a squirrel back to health, helped a student with his homework, given my seat to an elderly woman, given a kind word to someone who was in need. Those little marks are what I will leave. When I die no one will remember my name. It will not be in history books but I will have started a chain of good, a chain of life that will never end.



For those of you who were looking for "she-males", "chicks with dicks" or "MTFs" I am sorry to disappoint you. That is far from what I am. I am what is known as an FTM, a transman : A female to male transsexual. This means that I was born a female but feel, emotionally , mentally etc. that I am a male. I have been this way all my life and there was no choice involved in it. I am what I am. I still have a partially female body because I do not have the money to afford SRS : sex reassignment surgery. I am on the hormone : testosterone (T) and I have been living as a male for many years. I do not wish to be a female or treated as one: I am a man. Just consider me a man born with a birth defect: a female body.

I am a gay transman. This distinction is what takes some effort on behalf of those not familiar with these issues to comprehend.  Wile my gender identity is male. I am sexually attracted to males thus making me gay. Gender identity is who we are, sexual orientation is who we are attracted to. The two are not bound together very tightly. Interestingly enough, in the early days mental health professionals believed that being attracted to a person of the same biological sex was a fundamental part of being a transsexual. There were no gay trans people back then. At least no "out" gay trans people. If you wanted them to take you seriously as a trans person you had to make believe you were attracted to the "appropriate gender for the gender you were wanting to become. ... Confusing isn't it.

Things are so very different today. I am glad for that. I am able to be myself more than ever. A bit too late for many things in life but .... better late than never I guess.  



Every day Me:
I like reading, bowling, golf, nature walks, meditation, gardening, camping, bicycle riding, surfing the web and writing. I have a bachelor's degree in Physics which I received, Summa Cum Laude, from SUNY at Albany in 1993. I have a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from The College of Saint Rose also.
    I now have many jobs. Not what I was expecting to be doing so close to retirement years. I had been a Campus Public Safety Officer for many years. I gave my all to my employer. I was trustworthy, loyal and honest. That and being trans got me singled out and fired after 16 years of service. No I can't prove it.
The discrimination and targeting was subtle.  A hostile work environment. Technically every write up I received was literally correct ethically and truthfully they were all bullshit. My superiors were expecting me to live up to standard no one else of my rank had to come close to achieving, Placing everything I did under a microscope, a scrutiny that could reveal any imperfection.  Telling me do something then once I complied subtly changing what the task was when reporting on it so it would seem I did not comply. It was hell. My heart was ripped apart by this. My career was wiped out. No one else would hire me. I'm 53 years old with 23 years of experience in my field and no job. After 2 years I am still working 3 or more different jobs at a time. I  am primarily a school bus driver but that does not pay the bills by a long shot. So with my college degrees, my specialized training and experience I am driving a bus, cleaning toilets, picking weeds and making waffle mix. 7 days a week no days off unless its a holiday ( for some jobs).


Just Me

Here I am

ta dahhhhh

What I Like:
Night time
cool breezes
mourning doves

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies,
TV shows:
Enemy Mine
Independance Day
Babylon 5
America's Most Wanted
Lie to me
The Mentalist
Criminal Minds
Law and Order Criminal Intent
Law and Order Special Victims Unit
Harry Potter movies
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Persuit of Happyness
The bucket list
Family Guy
so You think you can dance

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

80's, Italian oldies, Country, celtic music, Native American flute....much much artist in particuar .. if I hear something I like I like it..without much consideration to who sang it or the style...