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Hi.....Merry Meet !!!


Welcome to my Web site!

Come on in and see what I'm all about if you dare!!

Not for the faint of heart, the biggoted or closed minded.!!

I enter here in perfect love and perfect trust. I hold in my heart no malice or spite. Click here to Enter

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                                                              What's New?
I promise i will get it together soon. i am buying a house and moving and going through training for work so i am a bit overwhelmed at the moment.
The Going is slow but I'm getting the hang of check back soon
06/08/05  Fixed a link to Jamison Green's site !! Sorry James..
                    Added another poem, added some ritual to the Pagan area and another page to the Ex mental patient area!!

Updates: 06/15/05  On vacation!!!yeah!!!!!
              New essay on the "writings page".
               06/28/05 Oh well vacation is over: acomplished absolutly nothing!!  yeah!  I did however add to my story on the "Ex mental patient page" and added a couple of pics here and there.
              07/13/05 Added another poem...slow you believe most of my writings are in note books or written on paper with a typewriter (an archaic printing device for those of you to young to remember them!!)
So I guess I'll stick with eneteng the newest ..electronically friendly stuff first and work my way back!!
I also added a couple more links...have fun!!
Updated the transgender page and added some pics on the pics page
11/15/05 Wow I havn't done a thig in a long time huh!! I need to get my butt in gear!!
02/23/06 A couple more pictures, a few more links...check em out!!
02/17/07  Have not done much work on here this past year. I'll explain .. check out my new blog for details
10/08/07 Added a new entry to my blog and some new pics...and info on my FTM page 02/07/2008 I have been neglectful of my site recently. I , as usual, will try to do better.

Happy valentine's day

well I am trying to update my site more often and I just have. I have had some revelations in the area of my sexuality and its development. I share this on my "ex- mental patient" page.

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